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Heating and cooling systems can have a number of problems. Some of them are fixable by just a little work. Other will require the services of a professional. HVAC repair is not limited to just AC units. Home heating systems can have problems too.

1. A pool of water around the air conditioner can be a number of things. Most often it is a blocked drain line. A quick fix is to run a bit of straight wire up the end to break up the blockage and clear the line.

2. If your unit is making an odd sound in the compressor unit then it may be wise to unplug it and call a professional.

3. If the system has a drip from the circuit breaker, make sure thee system is off and have it serviced by a professional before using it again.

4. If your oil-burning furnace suddenly quits working, it is likely there is a minor malfunction in the venting or burn chamber. Most often a valve has clogged in the furnace itself. A short-term fix is to push the reset button once. If it stops after the first reset, have it serviced.

5. Typically, any furnace smoke is vented out of the chimney. If you are finding a layer of soot or ash in the furnace room, you have a blocked vent. Sometimes a good cleaning of your filters and chimney pipes is all that is necessary to fix the problem.

6. All modern furnaces and homes should be equipped with a CO2 detector. This deadly gas is odorless, tasteless, and capable of killing a sleeping family. If your detector goes off, shut down the furnace and open windows to vent the gas. Have your system serviced immediately.

7. If you smell any odor coming up from your vent, you have a problem. Smells should not happen in an oil-burning furnace. It is most likely a leak in your fuel lines.

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